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Nail Your Nutrition E-Book

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Are you ready to feel your absolute best?

The combination of the workouts that can be found in the BAD PEACH FITNESS PROGRAMS and implementing the information in this nutrition e-book is a recipe for dynamic change. One without the other is good, but both of them together is like a grand finale fireworks show!

I show you my visual physical changes over the last 2 years in the video below. This is what happened by following my nutrition guide blueprint.


* 50 pages,  all the how to's of nutrition from Laura's fitness journey - just a normal woman, 40 years old and mom of 3. No details spared!

* PLUS ... included is a new, private 17 minute training video on the #1 thing that got Laura unstuck in her fitness. And no, it's not plant based eating or burpees!

* All of the nutrition tips, tricks & strategies that have changed my life.

* My staple grocery list, including all the specific brands I buy.

* Help understanding macronutrients & how to figure out what you need.

* All things related to calories.

* How I track calories and macronutrients vs. how I eat intuitively. I teach both and you can decide which you prefer.

* Supplement recommendations.

* All about the whole foods plant based life - including how to get started and practical tips.

* 5 day example of Laura's personal meal plan.

* Plant based mom life.