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14 Days, Fat Loss Plant Based Meal Plan

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Welcome to a very simple, mostly whole foods, plant based meal plan.

When I, Laura, purchased meal plan programs in the past, I never stuck with them because they were too complicated, required too many ingredients and cooking time, and did not contain enough repetition to fit my busy lifestyle. When I started making my breakfast habitually the same, planning to have the previous night's leftovers for lunch, and making dinners that were quick yet really delicious and nutritious, the magic started happening. While some people may feel bored with this simplified approach, I feel empowered and in control of my food choices. I stick with the plan instead of starting and then quitting when I feel like it's too much to maintain. I feel strong, it has kept me lean year round now for several year, and my energy feels like it's coming from the sun itself.

By being mindful of my calorie consumption and protein intake, I was able to lose fat while maintaining my lean muscle mass. Beyond that, I've been able to stay lean and muscular now for several years without feeling restricted in my eating, by doing any bulking or cutting, or following a "diet." This plan is EXACTLY how I eat day by day. No fancy bells and whistles. Just a plan that is VERY effective.

Tracking calories and macronutrients to reach a goal is very helpful and helps to make food choices based on scientific data rather than emotions, but counting and tracking calories and macronutrients into an app is incredibly tedious and can also be confusing. Hence the reason why so many people don't stick with it long term! 

For years I wanted a meal plan that just told me exactly what to do - but in the simplest way possible and with the whole foods, plant based approach. I couldn't find it anywhere. So ... I've designed and created it myself. 

This is the meal plan that helped me lose almost all the extra fat on my body, aided muscle development, fueled a 100,000 burpee challenge in 2020, and continues to fuel challenging training days. Most of all, it broke my old patterns of yo-yo dieting and looking at my body as something I need to fix. It switched my mindset from, how little can I eat and how much can I restrict in order to be skinny, lose fat, etc, to --- how can I give my body what it needs to thrive?

I've built this meal plan around approximately 1500 daily calories and 100 grams of protein. Your exact needs may vary and there are instructions in the meal plan on how to adapt to your needs (and also how to figure out your caloric and protein needs). Since at least 90% of people that reach out to me are looking for help with fat loss and how to eat plant based, I planned these meals with that in mind. I chose these numbers as common averages for people looking to lose fat. Our bodies have to be in a daily calorie deficit in order for fat loss to happen. I'll help you do that in a way that is 100% doable and will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied in the kitchen.

Plus, you will receive a printable grocery list with suggested brands.

Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link for a PDF that shares a private access link to the meal plan.